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tv   [untitled]    June 25, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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we. ten thirty pm in moscow these here are t. headlines president putin calls on both sides in the israeli palestinian conflict to resume talks to break the stalemate the russian leader is on a tour of the middle east moscow's also stepping up efforts to help resolve the conflict in syria and ease tension over iran. egypt's newly elected islam as leader mohammed morsi set to form a government after beating the former prime minister of ousted leader hosni mubarak despite celebrations concerns mount over the country's possible radicalization. of more pain in the eurozone cyprus set to ask for a rescue citing exposure to struggling greece while spain in turn has formally
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requested one hundred billion euros worth of bailout cash to prop up its banks. top whistleblower julian a songe awaits ecuador's decision on whether it will grant him asylum as he remains ensconced in the country's london embassy meanwhile the final edition of his groundbreaking interview shows set to air here on r t tuesday. up next artie's policy or interviews with former front runner for the egyptian presidency for his take on what the future holds for the country stay with us. and there. will be i have a moose a presidential candidate in egypt's recent elections and also the former head of the arab league so thank you very much for joining us here on our team many people were surprised that you did not make it through to the second round of the recent presidential elections why do you think you did not do as well as expected i was
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among those who were astonished that i didn't make it but this is the most prosy. old. that is outside of my guarantee that never again. but i'm glad that the democratic process has started. and the elections would observed by the international arab and this is the society organizations in egypt i have my own reasons for the i understand what happened and how things were managed in the last few days but my concern is not this my concern is that the democrats also should not be and especially at this stage where we are just starting. so i am glad that things went that way to there been much better had they been in the race. in the second round but that is immaterial compared to the process itself and the preservation of the initiative towards
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democracy the revolution failed the relation in your words it was supposed to achieve democracy why do you think it was and able to sustain itself. because of so many mistakes and the mistakes were committed by all parties to the egyptian scene. where you cannot accuse one party of the model but i say that the mistakes the at evolution bit you. it was of course subjected to a hijacking from the very post but to the oneness of the goal which is to put an end to be formative jeem pulled everybody together it was not completely observed noticed understood that the forces of then they force a bit of attention one city of the gene came to its end and the former president
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decided to work at the kate difference is a start and many forces from the right especially the right attempted to speak on behalf of their revolution and i was accurate and that was seen many in the many organisations and unions and bodies that clean each one of them playing to represent the evolution and they were talking past each other. if you can which is to be to get they. could have addition have worked what was needed for it to achieve its goals i believe one body one head of it and clear boards. and. to. know that to be able to compete and get into the parliament and compete and get into the government but december of voices the different logics in the different
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emphasis and be at them still hijack it to the effect that to be called the bottom and it department be part of the punishment of that it was. so and that was a bit strange that evolution was utterly just. so. the misconception that misunderstanding being missed the presentation of things however i would want you to know. that the god of this of the absence or the presence of the ocean. actually presents this footage of that producers to get. the feeling that this is a different guy and different era and different philosophy and different goals. this food is still there so i believe not think that the egypt into the ocean was futile. but it was definitely. subject to
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a lot of pressure that will still be able. to finish up that it was but its spirit and the general feeling that we have already and a bit different. is today what does a scene with mean for egypt are you concerned that egypt will become and more islamised state. and i believe there will be a lot of. disagreement on that point. egypt is not so ready to be anything but the simplistic it means that the successful or failure of president morsi by what it would do to the with the problems of egypt rather than get into a political talk about the philosophy of the muslim brotherhood are you concerned by the growing islamic fundamentalism in the region northwest of the concern but
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the point is that this is. not politics but it's something against the government has to be a civilian civil government this is what i believe in. we live in the twenty first century we have problems in our country in our region we'll have to deal with them with all the ways and means that we see fit into that it is something it's. we need a civil state we need a mother. constitution and egypt that all. the constitution stop in one thousand nine hundred three constitution. so that in the authority of. the independence of. the judicial. power the presidential opening to the region what about the but a government that has the constitution as it's so it's nothing
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gets only because of. the judiciary and it depends as independents up to you should it is so important and by. human rights and fundamental freedoms rights of women all this all those principles should be in for i'm in addition to being the discrimination on the exits and in addition to the basic nature of the. of the religion that that has it's all but it's as defined in the constitution i think will. make the military has made itself responsible for one thousand new constitution are you confident that the military will be able to give the people a constitution that exceeds something to do that's going to by the constitution it's a constituent assembly that will have to wait consider this simply with the albeit
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it was a vision by all factions of our society nobody expects that many people die because of the amendments all the people of the constitution because he's an old and that that all of them at intervals it is the constitution that would egypt and that the military will choose the people who will want this constitution well and they know we have a committee. in case it comes to the simply but the tests there's some controversy around it so we'll see what kind of proposals of the supreme council come up with but we many of us have their own opinions about it so it will be that the minutes we would just up point they would say that they were going some as a way expect you wade of the arab league for
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a decade how then do you explain the arab league's stance on syria which has surprised many look at least situation in syria is different than the solution if you and the arab league played an important or maybe a little too believe that waiting for change and see the civilians. it was supposed to but also do well to see that it is different because of the sort of situation of syria and that none of the countries surrounding syria or that it would usually in riyadh egypt and tunisia believe that these things was to move in a suitable evolution so that the neighborhood was already there really to support the evolution in there and maybe it. hasn't at all syria at many countries around it up and you can see. that things will get out of hand. but that does this put to change this is the year of change and change is very good for
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getting all the force an explosion out of spain. already had that expression of that is this we have to change the city again and change is a story of development it is not just is for if it so is and if it of time can move to that change we can take place in syria especially up to the two of them and then you can all get back to square one it's better to get to get screwed one to be accepted. the post. doesn't amount to be with. a sump of that little dash but i believe this is like a good that is no other plan that has no plan and there's no wisdom to that photo for syria and that is a lot of oil is basically a lot of this on a monday because of what to do syria. that might that be the natural development of things we believe it's true that what happened and not at
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each applied all go back to square one that eats and those who get that this is to blame for change and change is the name of the game and syria is no exception and we said thank you very much for joining us here on ati thank you. they've been living those who wait since the seventeenth century. rituals are strict. their communities are isolated. they clearly distinguish between their home and the alien. and guard their family and things as
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a treasure. excuse me can i speak with you sir let me then explain my son died in iran don't agree you don't agree we don't have to look for other names my son isn't isn't in the arena i don't know what is crap we are going to try before you share. your country. with the countries and use. the moon or hope to help you find it. you find in so many old says war. some slows down.
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president putin calls on both sides in the israeli palestinian conflict to resume talks to break the stalemate and the russian leaders on a tour of the middle east moscow also stepping up efforts to help resolve the conflict in syria and ease tension over iran. egypt's newly elected islam as leader mahmoud merci said to form a government after beating the former prime minister of ousted leader of mubarak but despite celebrations concerns mount over the country's possible radicalization . more pain in the eurozone cyprus set to ask for a rescue citing exposure to struggling greece spain in turn formally request a hundred billion euros worth of bailout cash to prop up its banks. top
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whistleblower julian assange or waits ecuador's decision on whether it'll grant him asylum as he remains in scots from the country's london embassy meanwhile the new edition of his groundbreaking interview show set to air on to our team tuesday. palls up next with sports stay with us. thank you very much welcome to the world of school tazer we go for you. last on the mcgraw see elena vesnina stuns five time wimbledon champion venus williams well compadre a memory issue up of us is also into round two at the all england club. italian job which the last four of euro twenty twelve off for a penalty shoot out victory over england. standing down the head of the russian football union resigns following russia's poor showing you are twenty twelve. but
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starting with tennis where maria sharapova has booked her place in the second round of wimbledon the. russian looking for back to back grand slams after winning the french open last month on day one of the all england club the new world number one was in dominant form as she sent anastasia out in overpacking in straight sets six two six three the scoreline meanwhile there was an even more impressive victory for another russian. you're right yes and five time champion venus williams crashing out in straight sets six one six during the school lied in favor of the unseeded twenty five year old next is poland's accuracy of advanced williams meanwhile is left to reflect. on first largely created play were made hardly any errors in service so he. obviously i would like to win the match but didn't happen today. so then awaiting vesnina in the second round this after the world number three overcame magdaléna right buttock over slovakia six three six three. health
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well the i mean the day there have been wins for u.s. open champion sam stosur who sort of carla suarez navarro in straight sets well four time grand slam winner kim clijsters claimed a six two six four win over former world number one yelling the young which rushing the catalina cart of a sort of alberta be until lately in three sets. in the men's draw world number one a top seed undefended champion novak djokovic comfortably dispatched by a new one carlos follow in straight sets six three six three six one it finished in favor of the. elsewhere while the three roger federer had no problems going spain's out run last russian mikhail youzhny is into the second round the twenty sixth seed had to come from a set down against american donald young the return of lost to germany's florian my in straight sets of compaction just come from a set down to the bridge of a golden. football now where we now know the semifinal lineup at euro two thousand
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and twelve it to me securing the last spot following a penalty shoot out victory over england on sunday. it was the italians who had dominated both their normal and extra time in kiev hitting the post three times but neither team could find the back of the net so a penalty shoot out was needed to decide the tie it's rewarding for too much to the delight of these fans in rome alexandra de amounting to hero after the english efforts ashley young and cold usually dust through to the last year where they will face germany. well for further analysis on the game and the tournament as a whole cape partridge caught up with chief football writer a british newspaper the daily mirror martin lipton first stating that italy were deserving witness. from the first fifteen minutes they were by far the better team england showed great courage to visit great desire in the end it wasn't quite good enough and of course the familiar feeling from twelve yards so how do you think italy would do against germany that play like that. on the they could have
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a twenty percent chance germany or sensational are the best team in the children polo today was magnificent germany won't give in that sort of space i don't think if they were even if they played twenty percent better than that i don't really fancy having some of your germany spain final say you say spain so what makes you think that the portugal can't do it i don't think they can get the ball enough to win out or he's there for he can hurt spain no question he's been the player of the children so far for. spain just smother the life hurting they did it to france saturday night i think they'll do it again on wednesday. into next to portugal so if it's germany against spain he's going to be the winner of here eighty thousand to twelve i hope germany because of the football they play they're the most exciting vibrant team in the in the whole children they play the way all they want to do is hurt you spain go on the ball beautiful to watch they don't excite they don't get the pulse is stirring germany do and in this particular tournament do you think has been the biggest disappointment so far as germany are but as you say the
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stars think holland because everyone expects them to do better i think to a degree russia who should have got for everyone their first going for one they should have qualified comfortably loving going home and once again i have to say france because their attitude has been pretty awful and finally how do you feel about you his decision to held your eighty thousand child in ukraine and poland. but what are your thoughts on the tournament the stadium to be fantastic the people have been wonderful the infrastructure is a mess but that doesn't matter it's been a fantastic football tournament and you can cop a moan and complain sometimes this is just the call it is this has been a wonderful wonderful few weeks for countries who never get this opportunity again they've made the most of it so should we all martin it didn't i. you very much indeed for your thoughts so that's martin lipton the chief football writer of the daily mirror in london what is commiserations to england but congratulations seriously after they get three forty penalties a partridge out for the big stadium in kiev so the last four teams left to fight it out for europe pedroia no that's the back of the iberian peninsula first off with
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holders spain going up against christiane and others portugal of wednesday in donetsk the following night then sees italy and germany do battle in warsaw for the other final place. now following russia's disappointing performance at euro two thousand and twelve football union boss has resigned saying conformed president vladimir putin about his decision to quit out apologized for the team's early exit from the tournament after a confidence inspiring form win over the czech republic because men failed to get out of their group during with poland and then losing to greece for sinkers resignation came several days after russia's sports minister vitaly said the state would intervene if changes were made by russia's poor showing the president thanks for sanka for his work over the last three years. nobody really wants to one of the chief executive committee members russia should lose its. that's why i ask you to keep working class still in the russian sports council and also thank you for all
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you've done for russian football development but it has been three years now in athletics justin gatlin has run the second fastest time this year in the one hundred meters he won the united states in him picture while the thirty year old called his personal best of nine point eight zero seconds beating tyson gay by six one hundredth of a second gallon tested positive you remember for excessive testosterone in two thousand and six received a four year ban and missed the beijing olympics but he says he's back on track and ready for the london games. now there are a lot of words over the past year or so like i said a season redemption and. road you know that my journey i've just been really focused on just honing in just sticking to what i know in going out there and just being a fast runner and the funny russia's women that beach volleyball team have qualified for the olympic games for the very first time the squad booking their place by beating totum and favorites the netherlands in the continental cup. this
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competition was a real chance for russia to make history in the sport after a hard fought three two win over switzerland in the semi's they face the dutch in the final it was a place at the olympics at stake the best of five contest started wobbly for russia's first time then team and it's the sea of. failed to break down holland's jewel of madeline mccann link and sophie from guest and team russia wind down one nil but that didn't stop russia from making full use of their home advantage russia's second tandem call of and they. made like work of the two games beating both dutch teams two zero and two one with advantage now firmly with the home team and a boy and crowd behind their backs. and bozak over rectify the only slip up to be called as we can do a twenty one to twelve not only was it a fine win over the tournament's favorites it was also sweet revenge for team russia having lost out to the netherlands back in the zoning stage of the
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competition in twenty eleven i simply cannot put our joy into words we're so happy i don't know what else to say most of all i would like to say thanks to all our fans it's a big advantage to be playing at home and i'm so pleased with all the support it definitely helped us win. in the battle for bronze switzerland soft italy with three games to one ensuring they will get another crack at allin because occasion i think we still have a chance to get. a game. like yeah it's normal but they. can beach volleyball tournament of three in quick succession now seems justified as russia's women's beach volleyball team prove the country can compete with the world's best even if there's no beach in sight no gold here on the continent cup means that russia has no that is not the place on the plane to the summer olympics for the first time ever in the netherlands as well as what's on. it's unlikely also on that morning in the first half of the when the
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when i mean being full of minds all of what was to be held in the us is capital but seemingly just cannot get enough of beach volleyball at the moment and that's one of my starts on the twenty eighth of july by the bank of montreal. well that is all the sport for now although there's plenty more later here on alt hey the wild weather is next. culture is that so much good music making it a lot of people a variant look at what is the future of the european union will be a federal union or to continue to keep the hero down the road.
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they've been living this way the since the seventeenth century. rituals are strict. their communities are isolated. they clearly distinguish between their laws. and the alien. and guard their family and thing and the treasure.
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the. flying machine would be so much brighter if you knew no bounds.


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